A Roller Coaster Life

rollercoaster photo

Your life is like a roller coaster: full of ups and downs, twists and turns and once in a while a loop-d-loop. You can choose to get off early or ride it out to the end of the line. You decide. Your ride can be calm or wild. You can ride alone or with others; car-hopping is encouraged. The path is laid out as you go and it’s your choice on where it takes you. Some will learn to steer their way down a chosen path while others will close their eyes to be guided by someone else.

You get one ticket. No refunds.

Each ticket, like the ride, is unique. Priceless. The ride can be fun. The ride can be scary. Full of hope or full of dread.

No do-overs and no second chances. Once you get off, the ride is over.

Remember if it wasn’t for all the ups & downs, twists & turns, it would just be a train ride. Roller coasters are more fun.

I hope you enjoy your ride…



If anyone is actually checking this blog space out and are eagerly waiting for insights from yours truly, I had an article in the works (and it was pretty good, too) and nearly ready to post. But being new to this website I was playing around & managed to delete the entire thing. While I have the main points saved in another program, I rewrote & edited quite a bit when adding it to this blog.

And that file went POOF! (totally my fault)

Now I am in the process of rewriting it again. It will necessarily be different from the lost file, but will hopefully be better.*

*It will be better. Prove me wrong 🙂

STRING Theory is coming

I am just getting started with this blog. I have thoughts and have been planning to do this for quite a while (years actually) and I’m finally getting it started.

I hope that my thoughts about the non-existence of god prove valuable, enlightening or at least slightly interesting so that you may return for more.

I plan to tell the truth as I see it, about why I STRING. STRING is an acronym that I made that stands for See There Really Is No God. I added Theory to the title because of the made up controversy that creationists have applied to the word by trying to say because something is a theory, it isn’t fact, ignoring the difference between Theory and theory.

I am also a conservative. Not a Liberal and not a Progressive. Can someone be an Atheist and also a conservative? I hope so. Although I seem to be a truly rare breed.

Enjoy the ride